Filter Work Type by Jira labels


In Allocation, now it is possible to filter the data according to an organization's own Jira labels, besides Github Labels and Issue Types.

To configure, the user should go to Settings > Allocation and Add Rule > Jira Label to the Work Type they would like to be linked to that label(s).

This way, the user will see the data in Allocation By Work Type considering the Jira Labels.


The organisation uses Jira labels to classify PRs by what they call Product Theme, which includes labels such as Usability, Reliability, Accuracy, Performance, etc.

After creating the new rules, they can filter Allocation by Work Type to show in the graph the Work Types linked to the Product Theme only. This way, they can assess the effort their teams are putting into each pre-defined category (label).

This functionality also facilitates usage since, from now on, there is no need to send GitHub labels to Jira to assess the data in Athenian.

NOTE: This improvement does not support Jira custom fields.