NEW Deploy Section on the Delivery Pipeline

New FeatureNew Metric

We're happy to announce a new sub-section in your Delivery Pipeline available to all users of Athenian: Deploy.

β†’ Check out this article about how to unlock Deployment Metrics at Athenian.

The deployment is the last step before a PR is live in front of customers. It has the biggest impact on user experience and on the business.

Located under the Delivery Pipeline on your side bar, this sub-section provides you the Deployment Frequency, which is how often new code changes are deployed; and PR Cycle Time.

These metrics are grouped for each environment of your organizational structure so you can assess whether there are bottlenecks when promoting PRs from an environment to another.

You will also find the Time To Deploy, the Number of Deployments in comparison to the number of PRs and the Success Ratio of your deploys.

As always, it is also possible to see your progress in a timeline and the distribution over time for a deeper analysis.

In this sub-section you can filter the data by date range, teams, and repos.

Enjoy! πŸ¦‰